Monthly Meeting ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED FORM 9/15 HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO Thursday, October 20th, 2016 @ 7:30 p.m. Eatons Neck Firehouse.

EHC Watercraft Registration Sticker


          Over the past few years there has been a market increase with outsiders trespassing and using our beach. Violators have even been known to use it, to store their watercraft. Additionally, we have received many complaints of missing and stolen watercrafts.              

If you are storing your watercraft at the beach—

· Register your vessel and make sure the sticker is visible

· Safeguard and secure by chaining your craft to the rack

· Do not give your electronic gate passes to outsiders 



Today's Tides

10/25/2016Tue2:05 AMLow0.26
10/25/2016Tue8:22 AMHigh7.6232
10/25/2016Tue2:38 PMLow0.39
10/25/2016Tue8:49 PMHigh7.4226
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Messages from the Eaton’s Neck Fire Department By Rich Baer

The number to call in case of a fire or medical emergency is
757 5700!
Do not hesitate to call. It is better to be safe than sorry.
Trained volunteers will respond to your call for help.

    This year's Independence Day Parade will be led by Grand Marshall Roy Beach, Eaton's Neck's own veteran of the Normandy invasion of June 6, 1944! The day of the parade,  July 4th 2016 also happens to be Mr. Beach's  90th birthday. The department encourages all residents to celebrate Roy's birthday and Independence Day at ceremonies honoring him at Prices bend beach at the conclusion of the parade.
     The month of May was a busy one for the department starting with the annual flower sale for Mother's Day. The continuing success of the flower sale is due to the efforts of member's wives Mrs. Nancy Rittenhouse and Mrs. Jill Rizzuti.
  The department members thank both those ladies for their time and effort.
     Department members participated in the 9th annual Chuck Varese Extrication Tournament held at the Northport Fire house on May12. This tournament is a competition among fire departments to train and compete in the use of extrication tools and equipment required to remove victims from auto accidents. The tournament heightens the level and intensity of the training and provides a source of comparison of skills and techniques among all the departments in the township.     On May 23rd department members traveled to the Yaphank fire training facility to sharpen techniques, practices and individual skills in order to extinguish fires in business establishments such as those found in the Village of Northport. This is important training because the department has been called upon to assist Northport in fire situations in the past.
      A new Memorial Square at fire house is to be dedicated on June 26 at 10 AM. You may have noticed that the flag pole at the fire house has been moved to the left side of the building. It is the center piece of a memorial square which memorializes former  and deceased members. This small space is a tribute to neighbors who volunteered their time and energy to the community since 1956. All residents are invited to the dedication of this small space on Sunday , June 26, 2016.
     The department is currently conducting the 2016 fund drive to support the efforts of the neighbor/volunteer members.     The 2016 hurricane season began on June 1. Prepare for possible hurricane conditions. Stay safe.

Yours for fire safety, 
Rich Baer


NYS DEC Deer Management Presentation

   Josh Stiller from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation gave a one plus hour deer management presentation at the Eaton's Neck Fire Department on January 15th, 2015. The video is divided into five - fifteen minute segments and can be view using the following links.teen minute segments and can be view using the following links.  

NYS DEC Videos Part 1
NYS DEC Videos Part 2
NYS DEC Videos Part 3
NYS DEC Videos Part 4
NYS DEC Videos Part 5


Attention Shareholders:

          Your cooperation and assistance is needed. Motor vehicles including golf carts or quads are not permited on the grass at the beach. Please instruct household members and guests not to ride on the grass.   


                  Thank you,

         EHC Board of Directors


Date Type Time  Venue Description Notes
11/17/2016Director7:30 PM ENFD - Eatons Neck RdBoard MeetingOpen to Shareholders
3/16/2017Director7:30 PM ENFD - Eatons Neck RdBoard MeetingOpen to Shareholders
4/20/2017Director7:30 PM ENFD - Eatons Neck RdBoard MeetingOpen to Shareholders
5/20/2017Shareholder10:00 AM ENFD - Eatons Neck RdAnnual MeetingOpen to Shareholders
7/20/2017Director7:30 PM ENFD - Eatons Neck RdBoard MeetingOpen to Shareholders


Shell Fish Notice

Shellfish Update --

For more information, see the DEC link at